Plant-a-tree Program

Arbor Day Foundation: Replanting Our National Forests

Arbor Day Foundations' Replanting Our National Forests program is dedicated to restoring our forests from wildfires, insects, disease, and deforestation. Twenty-five years ago wildfires in our National Forests caught the attention of the American people like never before. And today, the need for replanting these trees is greater than ever. The impact of donations from Arbor Day Foundation members has been tremendous—replenishing these forests, providing wildlife habitat for endangered species and protecting the crystal clear waters of western rivers.

When you purchase TWO 1500 PACKS you can choose:

Get 10 Free Trees

Choose 10 trees that grow well where you live, and we’ll send them to you to plant in your yard. You can also choose to send the trees directly to someone else.

Plant 10 Trees in our Nation’s Forests

In your honor, we’ll plant 10 trees in a forest in need. Our nation’s forests provide wood, habitat, clean air, and drinking water for millions of us. Your trees will help preserve these precious resources for this and future generations.

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