Plant-a-tree Program

Woodland Trust

Help the Woodland Trust turn bare land into thriving native woodland by planting a tree at one of our new woodland creation sites. Within 12 years your sapling will be a sturdy tree with a canopy big enough to crawl under, rich ground flora, and a host to many wildlife species. By contributing to plant a tree at one of their beautiful sites, you will be helping them create a big impact for new woodland throughout the UK. Your donation will contribute to the initial planting of the sapling and also the careful nurturing of the tree and the woodland over the next 12 years, transforming the land into a flourishing forest in just over a decade. The newly planted tree can be dedicated for you and they will send you a confirmation certificate by post or email.

When you purchase TWO 1500 PACKS will receive:

Woodland Trust Directory

A directory of over 1,000 Woodland Trust woods to visit.

Field Guide

A handy guide to identifying native trees and shrubs.

Tree Dedication

A native tree dedicated in your name in the nearest available Woodland Trust wood.


A personalised certificate and information about the wood.

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