Nudo Italia

Help Nudo preserve the the traditional farming methods which, quite simply, produce the world's best olive oil. Adopting an Olive Tree through Nudo gives financial security to Italian olive farmers, therefore preserving their traditions. The Adopt an Olive Tree program involves a collaboration between a group of small scale, artisanal olive producers in LecMarche, Abruzzo, and Sicily. These farmers keep responsibility for the care of their grove, and all the olive oil goes into the adoption program. Nudo's adoption program is all about connecting people to the source of their food. The best way to really appreciate the hard work and dedication that goes into making great olive oil is to see the process yourself. The olive tree you adopt will be located in one of eight locations throughout Italy.

When you purchase TWO 1500 PACKS will receive:

3x 500ml/16.9 fl. oz tins

of first cold press extra virgin olive oil

Adoption Certificate

for your Olive Tree

Adoption Booklet

explaining the adoption process and information regarding olive trees.

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