Plant-a-tree Program

Gourmet Odyssey: Adopt-A-Vine Program

Gourmet Odyssey was created to get behind the scenes and discover people, their work, their produce and passion for France. Gourmet Odyssey is a boutique company that specialises in gastronomy discovery experiences where you actually participate in the making of the gourmet product of your choice from one of Gourmet Odyssey’s quality, independent partners. For the duration of the wine making year, you will adopt 6 vines. You will be informed of the exact location of your vines in the vineyard. You will then follow the progress and journey of your grapes as they bud and flourish until being harvested, where they are taken to the winery, carefully sorted, and placed into the vats to begin the fermentation and vinification process.

What's included?

The choice of one of the partner vineyards in France

carefully chosen by Gourmet Odyssey.

Adopt a vine

in your chosen vineyard for a wine making year. Choose the number of vines that you wish to include in your adopt-a-vine pack (6-36 vines).

Welcome gift pack

containing a Gourmet Odyssey sommelier’s apron, DROPSTOP®, personalised certificate and details of the wine experience selected.

Newsletters and customer portal

to follow the evolution of your vintage remotely.

Personalised bottles of wine

(6 bottles) that your vines have helped to make.

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