Trees for the Future™

The destruction of the world’s forests not only harms the communities that depend on them, it increasingly affects us all. Trees matter to all of us because they help mitigate global climate change. Land without trees is more vulnerable to both floods and drought. What’s more, deforestation and climate change are intimately connected. Each year, deforestation releases some two billion tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), one of the greenhouse gases that is key to the earth’s warming. This represents nearly 25 percent of manmade emissions of CO2.Fewer trees mean that more CO2 escapes into the earth’s atmosphere and prevents heat from escaping into space. Conversely, more trees reduce CO2 emissions, thus helping to lower the earth’s temperature. Our simple plan for reducing human impact on the atmosphere is to reduce CO2 emissions as much as possible by discouraging deforestation, and to help absorb manmade CO2 by planting more trees in tropical locations.

Trees for the Future have helped thousands of communities in Central America, Africa, and Asia improve their earning capacity and restore the environment by planting nearly 65 million trees. In the United States, we educate students and communities about the role of trees in the environment, energy efficiency, and other global issues.

When you purchase TWO 1500 PACKS you will receive:

500 Multi-purpose trees

planted in your name to benefit both people and the environment.

Personalized Certificate

showing 500 trees were planted in your name.


Explaining Trees for the Futures' work, where your trees will be planted, and how your donation will impact the community.

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